The Discovery Zone is a non-profit organization which is devoted to the next generation of indigenous artisans. It has found a social center in the offices of Invocation as Invocation believes in this project and thinks that our impact will make a difference for upcoming native talents.

Our Charter

This charter outlines the basis of our company culture. It defines our commitments towards our entrepreneur members.

It states our mission as well as our know-how and the values on which we are based.

The charter expresses the great value we give to ancestral knowledge. By their implication in the organization and their participation in the expressed values, the members are the basis of our cooperative and take part successfully in the realization of our objectives.

Our mission:

Our corporate mission is to help indigenous entrepreneurs in their business development while supporting First Nation knowledge, know how and arts. We wish to make available the ancestral practices via practical and artistic education for future generations.

Our mission is to develop partnerships between entrepreneurs. Indigenous culture and traditions are being lost thus we would largely like to enliven and preserve all that we can with all interested so that our know-how is preserved.

Our values:


For millennia First Nations have lived in communities. Community principles are anchored in our lifestyle and are fundamental to the way we work. The Community culture of our cooperative is our strength, by helping one another we all grow.


First Nation’s culture is what defines our mentality and lifestyles that are quite different from main stream modern culture. Ancestral knowledge is an important element that is reflected in the manner we manage our affaires.

Mutual aid

Mutual aid is an important value within our organization as we need each other to build what is unique and powerful.

The Shop

Starting on December 17th, our Shop will be officially open. Its an ideal opportunity to come seek out last minute gifts that are 100% authentic indigenous hand made products. 


The Discovery Zone is a friendly place within Wendake to harmonize pleasurable discoveries of indigenous perfumery and culture through numerous different workshops and activities that will have you stepping out of the ordinary into authentic unique experiences.

We hold on our premises a wide variety of workshops for the young and old: create your very own perfume, make your own soap, make a dream catcher, make your own smudging feathers, etc. Trainings, conferences and shows are also on the schedule.

Thus, dare come visit us with your family, colleagues and friends.

We offer special children’s birthday parties including decorations and treats so that a child’s birthday is memorable.

Call us for a reservation T:- +1 (418) 843.8777. Our staff will be pleased to answer all your questions.

555, Chef Max Gros-Louis, Québec, Wendake, G0A 4V0

Consult our programming.

To the pleasure of seeing you in the DISCOVERY ZONE!!

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