Crafting our perfumes lasts 14 months. We detail in this article the main steps in this process.

Our fragrances arose from a subtle synthesis of high French perfumery and Native American herbal and healing lore. Both techniques meet in our manufacturing process.

The rest of essential oils

For the essential oils to develop their full aroma and fragrance they have to mature for a whole year exception made for the citrus oils which can be used immediately. Thus, we foresee what we will need for the following year. Usually delivered in metal or plastic containers they are immediately re bottled in amber glass jars so they are in contact with a natural substance. The jars are put on wooden shelves in a space where continuous beneficial energies are emitted that will slowly energize the oils with their vibrations.

The mix

The essential oils are then mixed together according to the formulas of our different perfumes, and will then rest for a whole lunar month (28 days) so that the oils can harmonize together. This mixture is called the concentrate.After a month of rest and maturation, the concentrated is mixed with organic alcohol.

The intentions

This is when Blue Eagle does the shaman ritual which will encode the perfume with specific intentions. Each perfume possesses its own intentions. This process, scientifically proven, influences the aromatherapy qualities of our perfume and increases its efficiency. Therapists and shamans of all five continents have written testimonials on the exceptional efficiency of the Invocation perfumes, especially Chiiyaam, which is the one most used by therapists. This mixture will rest and mature for another month so the concentrate can blend thoroughly with the alcohol which will carry the perfume. This is now called the juice.

The final touch and the energy

The next step is the glazing and filtering. So that the waxes of certain oils can be filtered out, we cool the juice. It’s then filtered. The finished product obtained, the perfume, will then be bottled and packaged and be ready for sale.

To have a favorable influence the energies of our perfumes we are attentive that the staff who works here are cheerful and in healthy premises. We have chosen to do by hand what machines could do, as that is a better energy and we can supply work to the Native American population around us. It’s one of the reasons why our products are more expensive than others. Humans are more complex and more expensive that machines! 🙂

Your devoted staff at Invocation