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Invocation’s Summer Record: with its aromatherapy perfumes

By 22 September 2017Blog

Invocation participates in all kinds of activities (trade shows, exhibitions, etc.) throughout the year with its aromatherapy perfumes. But it is really during the summer period that the outings are more numerous and intense. We participated in several events in the Quebec City region, but this summer we added new destinations: the Laurentians, North Shore, Western Canada and Ontario. Thousands of kilometres have been travelled to promote our seven aromatherapy fragrances, our shower gel, bath salts and complementary care products (books and music by Blue Eagle as well as traditional herbs used for smudging).

Without taking anything away from previous years, I believe that in terms of hospitality, both in terms of Aboriginal events and the products they offer, this year has been the best. As we see more and more people ready to improve their health, we now arrive in places where we hardly have need to introduce ourselves. In addition to eagerly using our aromatherapy products as effectively as possible, people are now looking for places to get them close to home. But also, they hope to meet us every year, at the same festival, at the same booth with our aromatherapy perfumes.

The Invocation team is committed to reaching out to consumers. In addition to joyful reunions, this allows us to answer questions and also anticipate the future needs of our customers. Partnerships are being formed through various businesses, health centres, therapists in the health care sector and also more experienced practitioners. People are increasingly seeking to reclaim their health and this creates all kinds of needs, ranging from food, hygiene products, to chemical free cosmetics and perfumes. They also appreciate the teachings that enable them to evolve towards physical, moral and mental well-being.

For us at Invocation, it is always a joy to be seeing them again! This autumn, we’re not quitting, quite the contrary. Other events are coming, maybe near you: Edmonton, Boucherville, Quebec, Vancouver and others are to be confirmed. Follow us on our Facebook pages: Invocation and Boutique Aigle Bleu to know the dates and the places of the events but also what we offer directly here in shop and our multifunctional room, located at 555 Chef Max Gros-Louis, Wendake, QC.

Hope to meet you soon!