Why are the CHIIYAAM essences bath salts so efficient?

By 1 January 2018 Blog

A bit of history…

Let us first mention the use of salt in the Neolithic period, when the human beings started to settle down. Salt served, as time went on, as an exchange of currency in Chinese territory, the Roman legionnaires received it as salary, the Greek used it as a sacred offering, the Egyptians noted its capacity of conservation and used it to momify bodies, and it will also become a purifier in the dawn of the Christian era. Considered as white gold, it will be sought everywhere on the planet.


Salt will also become the object of many beliefs: able to ward off evil spirits, sought-after to purify places but also, thrown over the left shoulder it’s supposed to ward off bad luck and the evil eye. Then in the course of evolution, it will be attributed the virtues of physical healing, by absorption through the mouth or by bathing in salt water. Salt, found in food today, as lost its acclaim to make way to iodized, salt, heated and considered as a sneaky poison, so much it is concealed in all processed products.

Brittany gray sea salt properties

Modern white table salt, inorganic as it has been heated and refined, contains 40% sodium and 60% chlorine (+ calcium silicate, added iodine, and inverted sugar). Thus, this is more a chemical than an actual nutriment. The natural sea salt from Brittany that Invocations uses in its raw, organic and natural state. Given that its sun dried and easily recognizable by its grayish colour, the Brittany sea salt has retained all of its organic properties. This is the salt we use to offer bath salts with multiple properties.

Its composition

Indeed, our sea salts are 100% natural and is composed of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and sulphates. In all it contains 97 different naturally occurring minerals that all life forms need. Ingested in reasonable quantities, it reduces the salt deficiency that the body can undergo because of extreme sweating, diarrhea, acidity or because of certain medications.

Bath salt with CHIIYAAM essences

The bath salts with CHIIYAAM essences will be very useful to relieve muscular pain (spasms, cramps) and articular inflammation. It has also been known to relieve arthritic and rheumatic pains. Several therapists also consider it has an excellent effect on the skin that can mitigate eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Salt-water baths also have a beneficial effect for nervous or exhausted individuals. A relaxing effect will then be felt when soaking in a bath, with water at 34 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, for maximum effect. The organic substances will then penetrate the epidermis and perform a subcutaneous cleansing.

When the purifying essential oils in the Chiiyaam formula are added to the salts they will activate and maximize the effect of this product. That is why the effects are so wonderful that certain users say this product is almost addictive! The jojoba oil in the formula has a double utility: it protects the essential oils of the Chiiyaam formula, eases, softens and feeds the skin. Thus, a good bath in Invocation’s Bath Salts is a real healthy and relaxing time we can offer ourselves. With the last winter storms that are coming, it will have us sneering at the bad weather as we relax and renew out of the cold in the comforting experience of the Invocation bath salts!