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Organic essential oil, 100% pure and natural

Organic Bergamot – Stabilizing and regulating, Spicy scent !

Botanical name: citrus aurantium bergamia

Origin: Italy

Olfactory: warm and spicy smell

Formats: 2ml – 10 ml – 30 ml – 100 ml

Uses and important precautions: information below




Family: Rutaceae

Main constituents: limonene or monoterpenes, esters.

Part: zest

Extraction: complete steam distillation


Bergamot trees grow near the Mediterranean basin and in West Africa. The peel is pressed to give us its essence. The expression of 100kg of the external part of the fresh fruit will give 500g of oil.

Other known rutaceae are orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, but it is the only one to offer such a spicy and warm smell and taste.

This essential oil is antiseptic and purifying. It helps with digestion.

It helps to regenerate the skin and to fight against the excess of fat on the skin and the hair.

Its action is calming and will be privileged in period of stress.

It can also be tonic and stimulating in small doses in certain situations.

Relaxing, it facilitates the sleep in the child and help to sleep well.*

The green color of its oil, confers an affinity with the chakra of the heart. It can thus be used against sadness.

Inspiring, soothing, joyful, the bergamot accompanies you in the process of receiving and giving love, for yourself and for others.

Some possible uses: 

1 drop in a little bit of honey or sugar then mix in hot drink.

For a facial glow: 1 drop in a soft clay mask (also effective in a shampoo)

To use for compresses, ointments and massage, Mix with a vegetable oil.

It will be good to use in a diffuser also.

Precautions for use:

This essential oil can be photosensitizing.

Avoid a prolonged action in time.

*Its use is not appropriate for the children of less than 6 years nor for the pregnant women

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