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Chiiyaam – Liquid Incense 

CHIIYAAM is an algonquin word which means “peace”.   Chiiyaam – Smudge Liquid is thus named because of its purifying, relaxing and serene properties. It works rapidly and with efficiency on the person who uses it as well as on his environment.

  • Purifying & energy-cleansing: liquid smudge for people, places, objects, ceremonies, sacred spaces and specific activities.
  • Soothing & Relaxing: promotes an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, whether in your personal or professional space.
  • Approved by therapists: Many alternative health professionals trust Chiiyaam to enhance the atmosphere in their practices. It has become an essential addition to their professional routine.
  • 100% Natural: no chemicals or artificial additives.
  • Various formats: 15ml, 60ml, 29ml
  • Easy refill: 100ml dropper bottle to extend your Chiiyaam experience.

(Please note that this is a different version than the one intended for diffusers.)

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The olfactive description of Invocation’s perfume in the language of the Mecca of the perfume world, Grasse, France, by Laurence Fanuel, perfumer. 

Powerful aromatic with minty, camphoraceous and eucalyptus notes, very cooling but with a strong body, wormwood, herbaceous, lavender, citrus, slightly leather, blend of freshness and softness, balsam bottom notes. Perfume Family: Aromatic Fougere

First distributed under the name “Invocation Liquid Smudge”, CHIIYAAM is the first product created by Blue Eagle, aboriginal shaman who wanted to find an alternative to smudging, that is not always well adapted to our modern way of life. In his research to create this product he studied with the french perfumer Michel Roudnitska and with the essential oils specialist, Mikaël Zayat. After several years of researche the First Native Essence was born. It quickly proved its efficiency and far from being diminished over the years, is enriched by many new uses that were discovered by its fans.

CHIIYAAM distinguished itself among all aromatherapy products by the care given to the beauty and homogeneity of the fragrance. This scent is masculine, because of the predominance of cedar and two varieties of sage. It is because of these oils that Chiiyaam’s headnote produces an immediate purification. Its composition and benefits make it a unique product unparalleled in current aromatherapy products. The perfume is prepared in the Invocation plant by hand, in small quantities, in a manufacturing process that lasts fourteen months. Altogether, it contains 17 essential oils and plant extracts, all picked respectfully for nature’s renewability. It is a 100% natural plant product in which every ingredient plays a precise role and contributes to it’s overall beneficial effects. This perfume’s scent is evocative of the power of the great original forests of Canada.

Ingredients :
Alcohol, Cedar, Lavender, Red Mandarin, Spearmint, Hemlock, Rosemary, White Sage, Cistus, Olibanum, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Spikenard, Juniper, Desert Sage, Rose, Sweetgrass, Water.

Each plant extract has a specific signification and use. Blue Eagle’s treatise Sacred Scents and Mystical Music introduces them all.

How to use it :

CHIIYAAM is an essence which purifies the ambient air as well as the electromagnetic field around its user. Its effects are used at night as well as day, since this Native Essence allows for a restful and remedial sleep. Its soothing characteristics makes it a great way to start the day with calm and confidence. It will optimize a personal work session like yoga, meditation, relaxation, etc. Because it promotes relaxation and harmony, it helps people who uses it to center and by that, to be more efficient and inspired, whatever the circumstance.

The perfume is available in refillable spray format 15ml, 29ml (soon only in Duo), 60 ml, 120ml. Also available with the other perfumes in 3ml kit and  10ml in the discovery kit.

To feel its immediate effects, we put a few sprays on our palms, put our two hands together so they both have the perfume and then bring our hands around us, in the aura or what is better described as the body’s electromagnetic energy field. We can spray it on our clothes or a piece of fabric that we carry with us or on our pillow. It is also possible to spray it in the ambient air around us, in the work place, or in a room before a meeting. It can transform tensed or heavy moods because it purifies places as well as individuals. Finally, it can be worn, like all other perfumes, on the skin: a few drops on the wrists or behind the ears.

CHIIYAAM CALMING BATH SALTS, with CHIIYAAM essences extend the relaxing effects that produces the original perfume. We get great wellness because it cleans body toxins.

Additional information


Alcohol, Cedar, Lavender, Red Mandarin, Spearmint, Hemlock, Rosemary, White Sage, Cistus, Olibanum, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Spikenard, Juniper, Desert Sage, Rose, Sweetgrass, Water.

How does it work?

When ?
To approach calmly an important activity.
To optimize a personal development session(relaxation, yoga, meditation, etc.) ;
Before bedtime, to allow a restful sleep..

How ?
Spray it on your palms , rub them with each other and breathe 2-3 times ;
Spray it on your clothes, on a piece of cloth you carry on yourself or on your pillow ;
Spray it, in ambient air, around yourself.


CHIIYAAM is beneficial for health and on all plans. Several testimonies have come to our attention by mentioning an improvement in respiratory and acute problems , Other people mentioned getting results at work et at home.In their social and family relationship, in a context of therapeutic intervention,etc. All of them admit that perfum has priceless properties.

14 reviews for CHIIYAAM – Purifying Native Essence

  1. Lise

    I love this scent of this oil, it is calming, but refreshing, relaxing but awakening also. I work at a Physiotherapy & Massage clinic and we use this daily. Now getting for my personal home space. Love This Product!!!!

  2. Client d’Invocation

    CHIIYAAM est bénéfique pour la santé en général et sur tous les plans. Plusieurs témoignages nous sont parvenus mentionnant ainsi des améliorations sensibles à des problèmes respiratoires chroniques et aigus. D’autres évoquent des résultats manifestes obtenus au travail ou à la maison, dans leurs relations sociales ou familiales, en contexte d’intervention thérapeutique, etc. Tous s’entendent pour reconnaître au parfum des propriétés inestimables.

  3. maryanne_haupt

    This is the only smudging spray I will use in my personal and professional practice, for clearing and protection. It is light and the scent is uplifting, calming and fresh. My students and clients all love it.

  4. Danielle Lemelin Herring

    Chiiyaam est une bénédiction; ainsi que le créateur qui a formulé ce beau parfum apaisant. Je continuerai à l’utiliser personnellement dans le cadre de ma pratique spirituelle quotidienne et professionnellement pour la protection de mes participants lors des sessions de groupe Geobox.

  5. Anisa

    I used Chiyaam on regular basis, I found it very soothing and calming effect on the brain when spray on billow, allows me to sleep like a baby. Thank you for having this product out in the community.

  6. Faye Lemieux

    I absolutely love this! The scent is very pleasant and calming. I have been using this product for a few years now, and I suggest it to people that I know who could really use it. I also use this calming aromatherapy with children and they absolutely love it. The adults love it as well. Thanks so much…such a great product! 🙂

  7. Patricia Clark

    This is hands down my favourite product from Invocation! I love the convenience and portability of this, as I can smudge almost anywhere, anytime. It’s also a wonderful fragrance that lingers when smudging myself…love!!!

  8. Shannon R.

    Chiyaam calming favorite seen how transformative it touches people

  9. john

    good day this product has helped me in clearing my work space.
    I would like to know what is the percentage of sage in Chiiyaam.

  10. Rebekah Tanner

    Following the passing of a beloved friend I got a bottle of this compelling aroma while in Wendake, QC. I am so glad to have found Invocation does online sales to the US and have since gotten more of this peace-giving oil.

  11. Regine

    I still have the bottle of this scent although its been empty for some time. I feel like a Goddess when I wear invocation and the aroma lasts all day long. It is a wonderful way to adorn yourself and enjoy a high quality and vibration. I am ordering my next one now!

  12. Lisa Smith

    CHIIYAM is wonderful. I use it daily to cleanse and purify my space at home as well as during Reiki Healing sessions.
    The scent is fresh, uplifting and is wonderful to ground energies. I have been using it for years and 100% recommend it.

  13. Luke Blue Eagle

    I have bottles of Chiiyaam in 5 different places in my home. I use this purification fragrance before all my activities: meditation, exercises, music practice, purifying the bedroom before sleep, meetings, healings, etc. I no longer use smudge as I have found Chiiyaam to be easier to use and more effective.

  14. Rachel

    My acupuncturist uses this in her space and I had to have it. It is the best smelling thing I have come across in years. My whole family sprays their body with it, we all love it so much; mom, dad & teens.
    It’s starts with a citrus and pine scent and drys down to a lovely sandlewood scent. Truly a beautiful scent. I’m now buying bottles for my sisters and dear friends. Everyone should have a bottle of this.

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