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The “DISCOVERY” case offers INVOCATION’s seven perfumes in a wonderful kit of rich charcoal and golden colors.

It is a chic gift to offer yourself, because you certainly deserve it, or offer to a dear friend.

Either way there will be gratitude when they are experienced as they are a precious tool towards personal growth.

Add a 3ml sample of our beautiful Grâces perfume !


Offer as a gift


This aromatherapy kit includes both daily “essential” fragrances, which work in complementarity: CHIIYAAM and MIWAHu.

It also includes the five Native Essences associated to the elements found in the nature, which are PATAKWIN-SACRED SOUND, ISKUTAAU-FIRE, ASCHIIY-EARTH, YUUTIN-WIND and NIPIIY-WATER. Thus a total of seven wonderful all natural perfumes.

How to use it :

Each perfume comes in a 10 ml spray bottle.

INVOCATION’s seven Native Essences are all 100% natural. They are handcrafted and care is given that the plants with which our essential oils and plant extracts are made are harvested respectfully of the environment and renewable resources. Experience will reveal what perfume suits your needs in what moment. The perfumes are then also available in bigger sizes.

It is a discovery which can transform everyday life, making it lighter or stimulating.

In any case, life can become more wonderful because the Elements promote many ways to achieve it.

Add a 3ml sample of our beautiful Grâces perfume !


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