2 Full sample kits

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The complete kit contains :

7 x 3ml perfume spray
1 shower gel 15 ml
1 bag salt for 1 bath or 1 foot bath in a gift bag of variable color and fabric.

AND new : the full kit + Graces, ADD THE GRACE PERFUMES for a kit of 8 perfumes!

NB – Please put the small vials in the fridge if you don’t use them right away. Use the salt quickly.


Offer as a gift

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Discover the three Invocation lines in trial format:

The Essentials fragrance line will offer you relaxation and energy.

The 5 Elements fragrance line will accompany you throughout your daily experiences.

The Spa line will envelop you and provide you with great relaxation and refreshment.


And as a bonus: add the 8th of our creations: Graces ! (  full sample kit + Graces ).

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