Natural Massage Oil – Chiiyaam

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Gentle vegetable oils for massage combined with the First Chiiyaam Essence.

Format 120ml.

Information: see below.

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Massage Oil:

A mix of vegetable massage oils with nourishing and moisturizing properties for the skin. Combined with the soothing aromas of CHIIYAAM’s essential oils, for a synergistic effect of

relaxation and calm. Refreshes and revitalizes the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet almond oil, Sunflower seed oil, apricot oil, mix of Chiiyaam essential oils. No added mineral oil, no artificial flavors, colorants-free, preservatives-free.

USES: Apply the required amount on the hand palm and massage and massage to spread over the body.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes, eye area and mouth. Not recommended for people allergic to almonds.

CONSERVATION: After use, keep the bottle airtight and store in a cool place away from light, heat, moisture and oxygen in the air.

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