Sacred Sound – PATAKWIN

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The algonquin word Patakwin means “sacred sound”- the element which represents the space in which dance the four other elements. Sacred sound is a vibration connecting all things.

This Native Essence PATAKWIN will then help with information management at all levels (cellular, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual). It is an invitation to let go and flow with all positive energies.


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The fragrance PATAKWIN – SACRED SOUND evokes purity, wide spaces and clarity of spirit. It inspires and predisposes to reflexion and listening to the inner signals that can tell how we can work to improve our physical, affective and mental balance. This Native Essence helps to synthesize and integrate messages which can originate both from nature and our consciousness. It will promote great moments of contemplation and meditation. It activates the energies that simplifies everyday life, to make it more enjoyable and to improve the quality of our relationships.

The main essential oils in this perfume are rosemary, Labrador tea, lemon, peppermint, ravensare and white spruce. These are the oils that promote synthesis and integration for a more balanced and serene life style. To increase the efficiency and the beauty of this olfactory composition other essences have been added: eucalyptus, nutmeg, ginger, myrtle, and cardamom.

How to use it :

Liver is the organ of the body that represents the capacity to synthesize specific nutriments from several different elements. It is in harmonic resonance with the whole body as is sacred sound. With the gall-bladder, liver is the main organ targeted by the action of PATAKWIN.

To take full advantage of the use of this perfume, we can consider these following correspondences.

Color : green
Taste : sour
Direction : north
Season : winter
Body organs : liver, gallbladder
Emotions : anger, impatience, synthesis, intergration.


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