Shower Gel and Bath Salts Kit

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Bath salts with essences of CHIIYAAM relax, purify and detoxify.
CHIIYAAM Essential Shower Gel helps to concentrate, renews energy and nourishes the skin.

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The Shower Gel
The Invocation Shower Gel allows for a rapid purification of the skin and electromagnetic energies around us. It helps to relax, to detoxify the organism and promotes deep cleansing. Glycerin from plant source leaves the skin silky and smooth while the unique Chiiyaam essential oils formula cleanses and purifies. Used in the morning it promotes calmness, concentration and openness. Used upon going to bed it favors the release of tensions and leads to a peaceful, harmonious and restful sleep. It can be used by the whole family, anywhere, even in camping as this formula is also biodegradable!

Bath salts
The Invocation Bath Salts are made from natural gray sea salt from Brittany. Nor bleached or treated it has retained all of its natural healing qualities. Our bath salts can be used to relieve painful articulations and muscles and for subcutaneous cleansing. The CHIIYAAM essential oils formula promotes deep purification and relaxation. Jojoba oils will then nourish the skin. The synergy of these three ingredients amplifies the purification process to the level of clearing cell memory of traumatic experiences and reducing problems related to stress and painful muscles and bones.

The shower gel 120 ml and the bath salts 115g both work through the double actions of our senses and osmosis through the skin.

1 review for Shower Gel and Bath Salts Kit

  1. Rebekah Tanner

    Delicious scent totally engulfs, the salt heals the skin and the soul while the soap adds just a few bubbles to the tub, for some fun.

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