White sage stick

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These sticks help to eliminate negative energy, relieve anxiety, cleanse a room, purify the body and energies, and improve sleep quality by releasing stress from your mind.


The stick, measuring approximately 4″, is a more compact version of our White Sage wand.


White sage (salvia apiana) is particularly prized by First Nations. It burns very well, producing abundant smoke with powerful purifying properties. It is the most masculine of Native American incenses. White sage grows in the deserts of the American Southwest.


Obtain a bowl or small heat-resistant container. Hold your stick in your hand and start burning the edge of the leaves with a match. Let the leaves burn for a few seconds, then shake the stick in the air to extinguish the flames so that only the smoke remains.

Caution: Sage must be used in a well-ventilated area.

Then let the stick burn in the chosen spot, or take it around the room with you.

If you need to extinguish the stick, smother it in sand, for example, to stop it burning.