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Yuutin is an algonquin word meaning the element “air”. Air is also wind, which is the spirit voice for First Nations, but for all beings air is the the life breath which goes through our lungs, an invisible element in itself, but essential.

The Native Essence YUUTIN, representing the wind element, stimulates inspiration, courage and determination. It alleviates grief and sadness.

Format : 15ml spray rechargeable – Drop refill 100ml.

In 3ml sample kit, 15ml in the 5 elements kit and 10ml in the Discovery Set.

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The olfactive description of Invocation’s perfume in the language of the Mecca of the perfume world, Grasse, France, by Laurence Fanuel, perfumer. 

Cooling camphoraceous blend, eucalyptus, herbaceous, very fresh and transparent, on light woody floral balsamic deep notes, reminding the tree tips on a forrest. Perfume family: aromatic woody

This fragrance, YUUTIN-WIND, evokes spring flowers, evergreens and free air circulation in nature, where air is pure. The air, as wind, must always move. Inspiration and expiration are constants throughout our lives. This perfume promotes purity and air quality, crucial for health. It was first created for people experiencing respiratory problems (flu, cold, bronchitis, asthma, etc.) A few sprays will help free the breath and promote a healthy ambiance.

YUUTIN is also perfect for use in times of sorrow and grieving. It alleviates these heavy emotions, makes the air lighter and allow for calm breathing; the appeased spirit can then be recharged with positive energies.

Many natural essentials oils are used to make YUUTIN. The active ingredients are : rosemary, hemlock, balsam fir, red mandarin, abrial lavender, spearmint, white pine, oregano and cloves. To complete the olfactory quality of the perfume, other essences were added: bergamot, geranium, canadian cedar, tansy, goldenrod and thyme.

How to use it :

Breathing in fresh air, walking in the forest, are healthy activities we can include in our agenda. We also have to find safe ways to express our emotions. When sadness and grief grip the soul, if the person can’t express them they can smother the lungs, hindering the natural flow of air. The regular use of the perfume YUUTIN-WIND will ease the lungs and promote an easier expression of difficult feelings.

The correspondences of this element are:

Color: white
Taste : hot
Direction : east
Season : spring
symbolism : lungs, bronchis
Emotions : Sadness, grief, courage, enthousiasme.

Additional information


Alcohol (Alcool), Aqua (Eau), Citrus reticulata (Mandarine), Lavandula Hybrida (Lavandin, ), Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamote), Pelargonium Graveolens (Géranium Rosat, ), Thuya Occidentalis (Cèdre Canadien (Thuya)), Abies Balsamea (Sapin Baumier), Tanacetum Vulgare (Tanaisie), Eugenia Caryophyllata (Clous de Girofle,), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Romarin), Mentha Spicata Crispa (Menthe verte), Tsuga canadensis (Pruche), Pinus strobus (Pin Blanc), Solidago Canadensis (Verge d’Or), Origanum vulgare (Origan), Thymus zygis (Thym).

Bénéfices et comment utiliser le produit

– Atténue le chagrin, la peine et le deuil.
– Apporte de l'inspiration à la vie, le mouvement, l'élevation et le soulagement.
– Bénéfique pour les poumons, la gorge, le système respiratoire et olfactif.
– Aide lorsque vous démarré d'un projet.
– Dégage les pollutions dans l'air, les allergies, le stress, et la nervosité avant un oral.

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