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The Manitou Festival at Mont Tremblant (Domaine de l’Ours): Invocation’s experience (

As soon as we set foot on this enchanting site, my colleague and I said to ourselves that only good could come of it. We barely touched earth and already smiling people hastened to lead and help us. We even had help assembling our booth. As soon as we put our finishing touch, the first visitors came. Magic! We were touching Harmony! People stood with open arms and hearts, curious to know more about what was Indian, Native American, Native, First Nations…

Visitors marched through kiosks and workshops, attended dance performances, shows… No need to inform them about history, political issues… They knew. They were interested in knowing who we really were. Apart from all our problems, we could present ourselves in a better light. What were we doing, beautiful and good? Craftsmen presented their know-how with pride! Why a feather? A turtle? Bannock, ah yes! “Prayers fly up with the smoke offerings of the sacred herbs…” Very beautiful!

My fellow artisans who make jewelry, sculptures, who are telling legends, who sing, dance, and give workshops said like us: this warm welcome will flourish all year. It’s with impatience that we await the second edition! It’s an organization jewel! People concerned about our comfort and the welcome of all. These people, responsible for everything and for us, took the time to visit each booth, to encourage us and to consult the visitors.

With heart Invocation presented its products and fraternized with its co-exhibitors! It is with the support of this organization and this public, but also you, dear supporters and users of Invocation perfumes, that we are pursuing OUR MISSION! Providing access to ancestral practices (, wellness products full of natural plants (, therapeutic music ( and books of wisdom (, focusing on the successes of First Nations people and emphasizing the efforts of the representatives of the Nations and their victories.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Amélia, Patricia and Émilie and to all the volunteers who helped organize the Manitou 2017 Festival. I also thank all those who follow us in our adventures, those who have adopted the Invocation products and my team for allowing me to go to these wonderful large-scale events with our high quality products!

Keep in touch of more adventures of us here at Invocation!