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Sacred drumming is the most ancient aboriginal musical form. It’s used worldwide by all native nations. For the First Nations of America the symbol is, without a doubt, Mother Earth’s heartbeat. It also reproduces a mother’s heartbeat, which her baby will hear growing inside her. Its sacred character comes from the fact that it represents the given to the red race: protecting our planet.

Communication tool

Played in a luminous spirit, a communication with the ancestors takes place, and establishes a link with the earth and celestial worlds. Its round form, according to certain beliefs, would be inspired by the medicine wheel, the talking circle, the Sun, full Moon and the heart of flowers.

Celebration tool

In certain aboriginal nations of North America, women don’t play sacred drum: they would accompany the rhythm by singing and dancing instead. Otherwise, they will play a drum which is not sacred, refraining during their moon time.

Healing tool

The rhythm of the sacred drum reproduces the sound of a beating heart and is the simplest and most profound medicine of the aboriginal world. Regular rhythms promote concentration, elevating consciousness and allow to refocus our thoughts and energies. Such rhythms are available on Blue Eagle’s album: Earth Drums. This album of native music therapy promotes activities like meditation, praying and free form dancing, which recreates nature’s movement: trees, wind, water, etc. It also allows an appropriate tool to increase concentration when reading, studying and writing.

With the matchikoues (native rattle) that unravels knots in our energy field and increases vital energy, the rhythms on this disc are an excellent tool to free ourselves from the negative energies of a hard day, and allow a deeper look on the essentials of life: love, beauty all around us, positive constructive energies and gratitude.