The shower gel with CHIIYAAM essences

By 20 January 2018 Blog

The shower gel with the CHIIYAAM essences is an aromatherapy product resulting in a careful blend of natural components coming from First Nations traditions. Added to our aromatherapy perfume CHIYYAAM, and to our bath salts with CHIIYAAM essences, it is an efficient complement to the relaxing line of Invocations’ natural fragrances.

Its ingredients and their benefits

This body wash is completely natural and made with high quality ingredients. Its fragrance is based on essential oils that work on the olfactive system and through the skin. The Chiiyaam essential oils have therapeutic effects: to increase concentration, to renew energy, to reduce fatigue, to purify ourselves in harsh or hard moments, to clarify perceptions and to facilitate breathing.

Made of water and vegetable glycerin, it effectively moisturizes the skin making it silky and looking healthy. Glycerin has a strong moisturizing power since it can retain several times its weight in water and thus prevent excessive loss of moisture from the skin. Vegetable glycerin also provides a barrier against the climate elements that attacks the skin: wind and pollution. Finally, its emollient action is smoothing to the skin and restores its flexibility after showering.

The advantages of using the shower gel

This body soap cleanses deep into the pores of the skin and rinses easily. It doesn’t leave any traces. Used in the morning, it allows for a fresh start to the day, in a calm, relaxed and peaceful mood. When used before going to bed, it allows for a peaceful and restoring night of sleep. Only a small quantity is necessary. Its foam will increase if used with a sponge.

The body wash is available in two formats: 120 ml and 240 ml. The small size is easy to carry in luggage for business trips, vacation or in the campers backpack. It can be used in a lake or stream without any danger for wildlife nor the aquatic flora. Furthermore, after a whole day under the sun it will be refreshing and its fragrance repels mosquitos.

So why go without it?

Shower gel with the Chiiyaam essences