It’s the question that our team studied several times. The first observation it is because it costs! Thus, the price of the perfumes which are already costly, because everything is handmade, would increase. Secondly, it would add work and the intervention in our business of the company which gives the certification who would require to see our formulas and procedures, which are well-kept secrets. Thirdly, I always say that it is those who are not organic who should indicate it on their labels because it’s their products that are dangerous for our health!

High quality essential oils

We always choose the best essential oils. When organic is available we choose organic even if it’s more expensive. So most of our oils are either organic or of wild culture. In both cases no herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers influenced their cellular structures. The alcohol is organic. Thus, all our perfumes are more than 90% organic!

The strength of our aromatherapy perfumes

Our perfumes, which we call Native Essences, have incomparable fragrances and they also have therapeutic and magic virtues! Yes, magic, because they are encoded with a shamanic ritual which inserts intentions into the liquid which then becomes crystalline. Indeed, because of this process, our perfumes which have no preservatives, are of a stability that has amazed connoisseurs. We have seen consumer bottles which had been used but which still contained some perfume that were eight years old. I recognized the first bottles that we used in 2000. Upon examination we found that neither the fragrance nor the shaman frequencies had languished. The perfume was as powerful as when we bottled it.

Invocation’s choices

We are seven magnificent fragrances, all 100%, natural and we have chosen that human beings and not machines manipulate them, thus refusing automation even if human labor is more expensive and more complicated than machinery. In this way we give work to several Native Americans on the reserve of Wendake where we are situated.

Here thus, some information on why we are not certified organic.