New perfume : Grâces

It is with joy that we present you our very first creation of Perfume for Women, 100% natural and unique. This new perfume is called Graces.


Dear customers and friends,

Our store has reopened its doors !

We welcome you Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm.

You can also request a special time for your visit by calling  +1 418 843 8777.

We have a 15% off regular price special promotion in the store.

Please follow the instructions – 1 person at a time in the shop.
Natural handmade hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance.
From all of us here at Invocation, Health and Happiness

First Nations Aromatherapy perfumes

100% natural and developed with First Nations knowledge, Invocation products are made with high quality essential oils and plant extracts.
Our crafts people work with ecological consciousness and great care to guaranty our Native Essences are efficient.

Produit Chiiyaam - miwah

The Essentials

5 elements kit - Invocation

5 Elements

Gamme Spa

Spa products

Invocation - Coffret decouverte

Kits and cases


* available only in Canada and the United States

Native Essence

Two essential products – 100% natural without synthetic fragrance or preservatives
A synthesis of Aboriginal tradition and high french perfumery techniques

Spa products

100% natural – without synthetic fragrance or preservatives
Made for your relaxation and renewal in mind.

5 elements

100% natural – without synthetic fragrance or preservatives
5 natural therapeutic perfumes from Invocation

Discovery set

Two 100% aromatherapy sets without synthetic fragrances or preservatives