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About us


Invocation is an artisan’s company that creates and distributes all natural aromatherapy perfumes, These Native Essences have been developed according to ancestral aboriginal know-how and French perfumery.

Our artisans work in an ecological way with high quality essential oils and plant extracts.

Invocation - à propos

Our mission is to manufacture 100 % natural high quality products that improve the welfare of those who use them. This is accomplished through the utilization of ancestral aboriginal know-how in accordance with human values, Mother Earth and nature. We attune our products and the premises where they are manufactured with pristine vibratory energies in our will to accompany humanity in its evolution.

Our ecological and humanitarian commitments include a social commitment to the First Nations and to Native American Aboriginal communities everywhere. We value aboriginal spirituality, culture and values as we think they are essential in restoring global balance. This attitude is illustrated, amongst other decisions, in our investing in more people rather than automation.

We energize prosperity to better serve our employees, our clients and humanity. Our philosophy and our teachings which arise from aboriginal wisdom are permanently implemented and promoted by the whole team.

As in nature, this wisdom stream is in constant evolution so we flow with it to better serve our clientele and the world around us.

We are always looking for ways and information to assist our clientele in finding healthier and more conscious alternatives to their holistic development.

The attitude in the workplace is one of openness, attentiveness to others and harmony and this same attitude also allows for optimal customer service.

We take time to consider all ideas and opinions equally, to better respond to the needs of our clientele.


Traditionally, burning sacred plants is used by all Native Americans to purify people and places. In 1996 Blue Eagle, a traditional shaman of Abenaki, Algonquin, Pawnee and French Canadian descent has difficulties working without the traditional smudging as is called the burning of sacred herbs, in the hospitals where he is called to look after Natives from the Far North.

Inspired to find a solution without smoke with essential oil, he travels to France to meet the great perfumer from Ville de Grasse, Michel Roudnitska, creator of Black Spice at Frédéric Malle Perfumes. The father of Michel was also a great perfumer. Edmond Roudnitska created amongst other great fragrances Dior’s Eau Sauvage. Having received from Michel Roudnitska the methodology of high French perfumery, Blue Eagle returns to Quebec and works for 2 years at the creation of Invocation’s first Native Essence, CHIIYAAM.

This natural perfume consists of essential oil and extracts stemming from sixteen different plants. Amazed by the efficiency of this fragrance that purifies and harmonizes the electromagnetic fields,  he wants to make it available to all.

The company Invocation is created in December 1999. Its name is a reference to one of the main functions of traditional smudging which is to call upon the Ancestors. When CHIIYAAM becomes available, the positive response from the public is impressive as CHIIYAAM’S properties are amazing. Aware of the need for natural perfumes by a growing population that are hypersensitive to the chemical and synthetic ingredients in mainstream fragrances, Blue Eagle creates MIWAHu in 2011. Since then, several other natural and shamanic Native Essences are created and several others are in preparation.


Thus, Invocation has become the first perfumery in Canada has at heart to produce perfumes with components cultivated and harvested according to native philosophy. Following First Nations philosophy, this company considers its employees as the core of the company. It ensures, thanks to them, the great quality of its products by manufacturing, bottling, labeling and packaging each bottle by hand.