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Anger is a secondary emotion due to frustration, a lack, a physical or a psychic injury. This emotion creates major physical changes: increase in heart rate, accelerated breathing, skin  becomes red, clenched jaw and fists.  It would seem to be protection of one’s integrity when facing injustice.  Considered one of the seven deadly sins by the Catholic, one of the three poisons of the mind by Buddhists, the culture surrounding anger leaves little room for expression.

In psychology it has been shown that unspoken anger becomes harmful to the person in this condition and can also harm his relationships.  There are positive aspects to anger, provided it is expressed intelligently but we need to be willing to accommodate another’s anger. There are several ways in learning to manage one’s and the other’s anger.

Too much anger or repressed, mismanaged or non-expressed anger can harm the liver. The liver has three main functions, in addition to contributing to metabolism: Purification function (destruction of toxins), creative function (bile, proteins and bile acid), and storage function (vitamins and minerals).

It is therefore important to find constructive, positive and non-violent ways to express our anger, but also to return to precious moments of tranquility. Invocation has studied the issue and has created the 5 Elements series, 5 perfumes to support the process of relaxation and emotional management. The one that can help us in this case, is Sacred Sound.

The different essences that compose it are: rosemary, Labrador tea, lemon, peppermint, white spruce and ravensare. These essential oils promote integration and the energy of contemplation, a healthy liver and the ability to vibrate in harmonic resonance with the field of universal intelligence. This olfactory composition was completed with eucalyptus, nutmeg, ginger, myrtle and cardamom, that were added to increases its efficiency, and also to balance and harmonize this perfume.

Applied behind the ears, on the wrists, on the solar plexus, underfoot or simply in the ambient air, it subtly helps to bring us to a peaceful state of openness. Also, nice to wear on the body, it is free from synthetic products, therefore softer than regular perfumes and nontoxic.