Aqua Nativa – Perfumers of the World Selection

49.00 $

Notes : Woody, spicy, citrus

A true invitation to an olfactory journey in the heart of the Amazonian Forest.

Format 30ml + box

Perfume with 100% natural essential oils created in France –

Composition: 100% natural fragrances, organic alcohol, demineralized water.


Parfumeurs du Monde stemmed from the meeting of 6 passionate creative perfumers, lovers of natural aromatic ingredients.

Creating 100% natural perfume is complex, starting with the use of high quality essences and a talented nose which is essential in order to avoid that the odors are simply superposed.

Parfumeurs du Monde don’t wish to enter into “synthetic versus natural” discussion and prefer to write the olfactory tale of one country from a palette of 100% natural essences, some of which are endemic.

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