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Bath salts made of Chiiyaam essences, the music of Blue Eagle’s Spirit Songs album, a warm bath which fills, is enough to bring you somewhere else, where it feels good… but… Yeah… You have to get in the bath!

The bath salt

You will realize that the music brings you into a state of mental renewal. The natural sea salt from Brittany, the main ingredient in our bath salt will also purify the body. Although salt is harmful if excessive in food, it has great benefits on the body in an external use, especially on blood circulation. Salt from Brittany retains all its organic properties because it has not been treated. Refined white table salt does not retain its virtues, as 90% of trace elements and minerals present in salt from Brittany (gray sea salt) have been removed.


Spirit Songs album music therapy was created to foster inspiration and relaxation. Several string instruments, relaxing flutes, nuanced percussions and inspiring deep vocals, paired with Invocation Chiiyaam bath salts, will bring to a time for renewal, that belongs to you: finally some time for yourself! In addition to jojoba oil that nourishes your skin, nurturing your body envelope, soothing your articulations, healing your psyche, your whole being will be thankful for all that goodness.


Bath salt with CHIIYAAM essences assets
The Invocation bath salt because of the synergy created by its high quality ingredients, can also purify traumatic cellular memory. When one is damaged by a trauma or an accident, our cells can keep traces all life long. When using our bath salt every night for seven to ten days, the cellular memory cleaning will operate. And, you can use it every time your body calls for it : after a long hard day, a prolonged trip, sickness, or just to get back to youself.
All senses are nourished by this experience : smell with the peaceful Chiiyaam fragrance, the touch of a soothing skin with jojoba oil, hearing with the soothing music, and the sight of gently steaming and finally, the taste of peace…