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Humanity, although some individuals tend to improve, is tempted to respond to fire by fire.  Eye for eye-tooth for tooth is sometimes applied.  And this to answer, although negatively to discrimination, damages, social or person to person rejection.  For resentment, hate and cruelty, a great amount of energy is spent to nourish and to wreak vengeance.  The body part directly implicated in this negative energy is the heart.  Many heart diseases can show up:  heart strokes, AVC, angina and blood pressure.  Heart suffers when there is too much or too less energy.

Feeding the inner fire and to control our breath helps keeping a healthy heart, as well as eating low fat food.  With the contribuation of the element Iskutuau-Fire, one of the 5 Elements fragrance, positive emotions can happen:  love, a sense of honor and respect.  Used as a perfume, behind the ears, on the wrists, on the solar plexus or under the feet, sprayed in a room or a piece of fabric, Iskutuau-Fire can help bringing back a more constructive and healthy state of mind.

Essential oils like rose, thymol thyme, mandarin, clove and ginger helped by juniper, helichryse, cistus, nargamota cypriol, cinnamon, and birch, make a composition made in harmony with aboriginal wisdom that puts an accent on Peace.

This can represent considerable work on oneself to identify and name emotions that come up inside us.  But throughout this quest, a great amount of energy can be preserved for constructive actions, which are very important for personal development.

Invocation aromatherapy perfumes are there to help you in personal work in addition to being fun to wear and not harmful to your health, as no chemical products are involved in the composition.

Good reconciliation!


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