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The aromatherapy series kit the FIVE ELEMENTS offers 100% natural perfumes, associated with an ancestral teaching on the elements coming from an ancient Native American bear clan. The Native Essences contained in this kit can be helpful in maintaining a healthy physical and psychic equilibrium.

5 elements manual included.

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These five perfumes correspond to the following elements: sacred sound, fire, earth, wind and water. Sacred sound in the european alchemic system corresponds to “ether”. This is the infinite space in which the other elements play, space Native Americans identify as Sacred Sound.

PATAKWIN, ISKUTAAU, ASCHIIY, YUUTIN, and NIPIIY, offer a unique way to connect and benefit from the elements of nature. It’s in collaboration with Michel Roudnitska, famous french perfumer, that Blue Eagle, aboriginal shaman gave birth to these five Native Essences.
Each element is in correspondance with color, taste, direction, season, body organs and specific emotions detailed in the booklet that comes with the Five elements Kit.

Each perfume possesses specific properties with its unique essential oils and plant extracts. It is handmade, as all products coming from Invocation’s workshop, with care and attention, after a slow, environmental process. These perfumes are 100% natural and are all above the 89% organic mark.

The Five Elements manual provides detailed characteristics of each perfume and its correspondences. It is a helpful support in understanding the properties of each element and how to use them for our personal development.

How use it :

The 5 ELEMENTS influence is on the psyche, they activate primordial and ancient parts of our brain and psyche. They are not meant to work on a precise problem or specific pathology but rather on the foundation of a person’s being.

The five essences mainly work on internal dynamic mechanisms controlling our relations with life and day to day circumstances. They bring distinct benefits by their action on one or other organ. They also relate to the emotions related to these organs to help with personal growth and health in general. They can also help with personal development and elevate conscious awareness. They bring back into contact with nature.

The 5 ELEMENTS perfumes kit come in 5 bottles of 15 ml; the accompanying manual, the 5 ELEMENTS, has been prepared with all the information needed to use these Native Essences in a good way.

How to choose the a Native Essence for a specific day or time?

It is the person who uses it who is the most able to make the best decision. That’s very simple: let your intuition and your nose guide you. Odors speak directly to the brain in a nonlinear way, with a holistic simplicity which does not deceive. Spray on your skin or a piece of cloth and then smell, noticing the produced effect. Do not use your intellect but your feelings!

Another way for using them consists of following the building cycle of the elements. In the proper order: “sacred sound” feeds “fire”, “fire” feeds “earth”, “earth” feeds “wind”, “wind” feeds “water”, and “water” feeds ”sacred sound”. However, even when we choose this method, we also notice how we react to them. If a fragrance seem less pleasant, even desagreable when you experience it, listen to your feelings. This Native Essence may be useful in other circumstances that you will discover, as your being and consciousness develops constantly and is always changing.

Finally, the specificity of each perfume can also guide your decision, it can be based on a need to reinforce a body organ in particular or to manage emotions corresponding to one of the benefits of the concerned Native Essences.

How to use the 5 ELEMENTS Native Essences?

Like a perfume! As the other INVOCATION perfumes. It is always possible to spray it on a piece of fabric or a tissue to keep near you, or on you. For a therapeutic holistic effect, you can spray it on the palms of your hands, on the soles of your feet, on the solar plexus and on the fontanel (top of head).

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