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What are the essential oils?

By 2 April 2022Blog

An essential oil is a derivative of a natural substance, generally used for its healing properties or as a perfume or room fragrance. The essential oil of a plant is obtained by steam extraction, which is then distilled to separate the oils from the water. Citrus essential oils are obtained by cold pressing the peel of the fruit. Essential oils are highly volatile substances derived from either leaves, flowers, stems, wood or bark.  The oil is named after the plant from which it comes.

These oils are called essential because they represent the essence of the smell and taste of the plant. They are often the part of the plant that protects it from diseases and parasites or that keeps away insects and animals that would like to eat it. Essential oils thus have many therapeutic virtues. The use of plants for healing is as old as humanity, which has always used them. Essential oils are the most active and powerful substances of the plant world. Essential oils generally have a broad spectrum of action. Their molecular composition is generally very complex. This is why modern perfumers most often turn to synthetic scents which are chemical products. It is easier to isolate a precise olfactory note with a chemical product that has a single molecule than with an essential oil that has many olfactory notes due to its molecular complexity. On the other hand, chemicals have many side effects that can be harmful to health. Thus, more and more people are becoming hypersensitive to modern perfumes and cannot stand to be around people who wear them.

For over 20 years, Invocation Canada has developed a cutting-edge expertise in the creation and manufacturing of 100% natural perfumes without any synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives. Thus, in addition to the incomparable scent that only essential oils from plants can give, Invocation’s perfumes have remarkable therapeutic effects. It contain many organic essential oils, so the range of action of these perfumes is very wide.It can be used as often as one wishes and will always have beneficial effects. They have no side effects. Invocation scents are not intended for any particular problem, but are much more for mood and feelings. Anything that enhances a good mood and a positive attitude is beneficial to our health. Invocation scents based on essential oils evoke powerful feelings and memories that can inspire and uplift the soul and spirit of those who wear them. Thus, Invocation scents are often used for meditation, ceremonies, rituals, circle meetings of people on a healing journey, personal development, and for occasions when we want to be the best we can be.

As an example of one of the beneficial effects of the Chiiyaam perfume: many people use it before going to sleep either as a spray in the bedroom or on the pillow. Children in particular ask for more. Children say that Chiiyaam natural perfume keeps bad dreams away. Some people have put an end to years of insomnia with this essential oil-based perfume. We have also created the Chiiyaam Diffuser Version with 100% pure oils. 

 We uses and sells very high quality essential oils from companies that we have validated. Most of them are organically grown. We have not invested in the organic designation, to avoid overcharging the cost of our essential oils and to reduce the paperwork that our employees must manage. We have always strived to be environmentally friendly and have integrity at all levels. This is reflected in the quality of our essential oils.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the science of healing with essential oils. Aromatherapy is well documented and used by countless health practitioners. Plants have been used therapeutically by all peoples since the beginning of mankind on this planet. Aromatherapy has long been recognized for its ability to work with the aromatic compounds of the plant kingdom. Aromatic compounds are very powerful and directly influence the oldest regions of the brain. The smell directly informs the physical body through the recent or old associations they evoke when the olfactory signal is picked up by the brain. Their broad-spectrum actions to purify, disinfect, eliminate fungi and spores as well as harmful physiological fungi and stimulate the immune system are among the most beneficial actions offered by essential oils.

Being very powerful, some warnings are necessary when using essential oils. Never use them pure on the skin or internally! Always dilute them in vegetable oil bases on the skin and internally. One or two drops are often enough. It is even recognized that essential oils are even more effective when diluted. Internally we can also put one drop in honey and take the honey pure or in an herbal tea.

Please feel free to ask for more information and/or do your own research and experiment with our essential oil based perfumes or our pure essential oils.

We wish you wonderful scenting experiences!