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These kinds of emotions bring, as do anger and resentment, a great expense of energy.  The whole digestion system is disturbed by these states of mind.  Indeed, spleen, stomach and pancreas do not work as they should, concerning immunity, insulin and may cause stomach burns or ulcers.

The will of a human being to hold on a sure thing, to feel stability and security shows that he knows the answer to a certain peace, but it is not always possible in everyday life.
The precariousness of the job market, a move, difficulty in making decisions are all sources that might bring worries and insecurity.  If these emotions are felt for too long, anguish comes in addition and then, individuals lose themselves in negative thoughts and the worst to come.

Mother Earth has a lot of potential to help people to connect with it.  First Nations show in many ways their communion with it:  in protecting it, in taking only what they need to survive, in beating the pulse of it’s heart with the sacred drum, or in hammering with their feet Mother Earth in traditional dances.  Thus, they show love and veneration for all the blessings the earth mother puts on their path.

Singing, dancing, growing a garden, are all good ways to focus on the present moment.  That way we can throw away negative thoughts that are destructive when they grabs us.

At Invocation, Aschiiy-Earth is the Element of the five that is indicated.  This perfume is made with star anise, valerian roots, angelic, balsam fir and vetiver and will also help to integrate Mother Earth’s energy.  The composition is completed by juniper, patchouli, myrrh, oliban and geranium.  There will be multiplied effects if worn under the feet.  It is also fun to wear on strategic places:  behind the ears, on the wrists, on the solar plexus and on the stomach.  With Blue Eagle’s music like Earth Drums or Swan Songs, you will find great partners to help you through your personal work, to promote positive thoughts and a feeling of security.