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It is hard to admit one day that we can’t control everything, neither to keep everyone we love. Our life on earth is sometimes made of hard times, separations or bereavement. Then we feel great sorrows coming and sometimes, tears roll on our cheeks. Then, breathing becomes difficult and shorter, pressure in the rib cage happen and also heaviness in the body. The western culture does not value that kind of feelings expression, so we keep hiding it, holding it back and sniff, so no one can see it. That kind of emotions, in the long run, harms the breathing system, bronchi and lungs.

Breathing difficulties

Intolerances and allergies can occur and breaking everyday life activities, even our favorites. Most of all, many air pollutants join other factors to bring our essential need like breathing more difficult. Pure air, so important for outdoor activity lovers, becomes more and more rare. The pollutant fumes of cars, industries but even our houses inert materials bring a stale air that we breathe every day. And this fact, extends more and more on virgin territories.

Healthy tricks

Expressing those emotions is an important step. It allows to free lungs from bad energy. Letting on some people and some things, even if it hurts, allows to bring back free breathing for body and soul. Singing, dancing, are also good activities to get rid of pressure in the rib cage. Walking in nature, where air is not stale, having more positive thoughts, can also help you.

To help you in that process, Invocation offers you the first of the Elements that has been created: Yuutin-Air. Its all soft composition will comfort you: rosemary, hemlock, balsam fir, red mandarin, lavandin abrial, green mint, white pine, origano, and clove, will help you free your breath, and breathing health. To refine the olfactory beat, join the first: bergamot, geranium, canadian cedar, tanaisie, goldenrod and thyme.

How to use Invocation perfumes Used in need or because it is your favorite, it can be sprayed in the air while you sit and let essential oils work or it can be used as a body perfume: behind the ears, on the wrists, solar plexus, under the feet, or even on the lungs or throat location.